Julia Keleher

Criminal Justice Reform & Volunteering

About Julia Keleher

Julia Keleher is an experienced academic and lifelong learner whose academic curiosity and love for knowledge sharing have inspired much of the work she’s accomplished throughout her career. With nearly a quarter of a century’s experience working in education, Julia has learned to greet each day with optimism and responsibility to do what she can with each moment she’s given.

About Julia Keleher

Throughout her life, Julia Keleher has acquired considerable volunteer, academic, board, and volunteer experience. At Strayer University, Julia worked as adjunct faculty from 2009 through 2011, teaching on Education, Psychology, and Social Sciences. Since 2012, Julia has worked  as Adjunct Faculty with George Washington University on Project Management and Communication Courses. Additionally, between 2018 and 2019, she served as a member of the National Assessment Governing Board.

Most recently, Julia Keleher founded a program called Thought & Voice on the belief that lifelong learning should be fun and learning a new language should be no exception. The program provides community members with an opportunity to share their skills, lean on one another in support, and share knowledge about the many amazing cultures around the globe. Thought & Voice provides no-cost, high-quality educational opportunities for local residents of all ages to sharpen their communication in English, both orally and in writing, with no academic or literacy requirements to enroll. With her own personal passion for education, it should come as no surprise that Julia volunteers with the program as well as an English Language Instructor. When it comes to learning new things and expanding knowledge and horizons, Julia has a personal passion she can’t help but offer to others. 

To further her educational reach, Julia Keleher recently founded Thought & Voice, a no-cost educational program that provides high-quality educational opportunities to help local residents improve their communication in English, both verbal and written. Julia believes firmly in the power of communication in life, and she wants to support and encourage all individuals; that’s why there are no academic or literacy requirements for the program. Julia herself volunteers as an English Language Instructor. She holds her CELTA certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, as well as her MBA, Master’s in Educational Psychology, and Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy

As an individual, Julia Keleher can best be described as passionate, tenacious, hardworking, and intellectually curious. She believes in three core values to guide her in life: learning, doing, and giving back. When it comes to the power of learning, Julia sees knowledge and learning as the keys to socioeconomic mobility. Julia believes that every single person deserves the same opportunity for education and devoted the first half of her professional career to improving public education. However, knowledge without action does very little, which is why Julia is also passionate about doing, being brave enough to take action in the face of resistance, intimidation, and criticism. Julia’s journey is about being relentless in the pursuit of solutions, even when others give up. Because of the opportunities that she’s had, Julia also believes in giving back, working to embody the idea that “to whom much is given, much is required.”