Volunteering comes in all shapes and sizes. Nowadays, finding volunteer opportunities that fit your passions and talents is easier than ever before. Add in the bonus of the Internet at your fingertips, and there’s really no barrier in your way of discovering volunteer opportunities. 

The benefits of volunteering in your community are endless. Read below to discover a few of these.

Grows Friendships
Volunteering in your community allows you to come into contact with others who share your passions and values, as well as those who can help expand your understanding of differing viewpoints. You’ll also have the chance to make relationships with members of the community. Either way, volunteering is a proven method to make lasting friendships with individuals you may not otherwise have come across. Working with others in this fashion also gives you a common ground to base conversations on.

Builds Community
It is pretty self-explanatory to say that volunteering for your community helps build community. No matter what sort of volunteering opportunities you come across, those opportunities usually have the common goal of bettering the community and working towards the common good. As a result, you’ll also find a greater sense of purpose when you see the results rubbing off on the community you are a part of. These are important lessons to teach youth so that, as they grow into adults, they naturally seek out ways to connect with and strengthen their communities. 

Develops Workplace Skills
Volunteering is beneficial to career development. First, it helps build skills in you that many employers look for. Second, organizations are often impressed by volunteering experience on your resume. Additionally, you may come to build relationships with other volunteers who can set you up with a future career opportunity. Volunteering is one of the best forms of networking out there.

Improves Your Mood
I find I am always in a better mood after having volunteered. Giving of myself and sharing in others’ efforts to positively impact society is rewarding and fulfilling. Even though some volunteering opportunities could be more emotionally taxing than others, you will walk away feeling accomplished and at peace with the help, assistance, and solidarity that you were able to offer. 

Volunteering does have its apparent benefits, but most volunteers do not go into it hoping to gain something for themselves. In fact, you’ll gain the most when you expect the least in return. You should approach volunteering with a desire to support others and better your community. 

Explore different volunteer opportunities among your own community to see how you can help. There are countless causes and organizations that are always looking for volunteers, and this is a great time to start! If you are struggling to find a non-profit organization, try thinking about the causes that mean the most to you. This will help narrow the pool of organizations to volunteer with.