Corporate social responsibility or CSR plays a significant role in businesses nowadays. Employers looking to hire millennials must take it into account. This is because over three-quarters of millennials consider the social and environmental impact a company has a major factor when deciding which firm to work for. 

It is easy to select a cause or a way a company can be socially responsible. The hard part is to get employees to engage in corporate social responsibility in practice. Engaged employees tend  not only to be happier but they can also be more productive too. Here are ways to help engage your employees in social responsibility initiatives. 

  1. Leading by example is critical when you want your employees to get involved with a cause that is important to them. Management and executives should take the lead or at least actively participate in philanthropy at the firm. This sets an example for the rest of the company to follow. 
  2. Sometimes, a firm can help employee engagement by letting its employees decide what cause to support and how to support it. This approach enables employees to take the initiative in corporate social responsibility instead of having it forced upon them by upper management. If you let employees choose the charity to support, make sure that company leadership backs them. Giving employees the freedom to decide what to support should make them more enthusiastic about philanthropy since they selected the cause and what to do with it. 
  3. Keeping track of your employees’ impact is another great way to help them get more involved and engaged in corporate social responsibility. If employees can see how many hours they volunteered, how much money they raised or donated, etc., they will be more likely to contribute more time and effort to the cause. 

No matter what your role, you can find a way to promote CSR. If you are a leader, connect with your employees and learn more about what is important to them. If you are an employee, suggest CSR ideas to your manager and colleagues. While it will be great information to use for setting up volunteer opportunities, it is also an excellent way to get to know your employees better. 

Think about your own role in helping employees become more engaged in philanthropy. Consider these two central questions: 1) Are you providing opportunities that match what your employees are looking for? 2) Have you spoken with your employees about what causes are important to them? The more you can accommodate your employees, the more likely that your efforts will be successful.